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Ginger on "Lisa's boots: Since we wear them, how about white in winter with dresses?"

You are very encouraging, Diana! You're right, I don't often deal with too much muck. I don't have culottes, but yes, the full skirts are covered. I'm sure you could get away with bare legs here, but I'm a hot-house flower and have about 4 degrees of comfort. Still, there's plenty of days I could wear nude tights. Colored opaques are definitely tricky; I have some very light gray with a woven pattern that might work.

karen13, thanks for the link! I will definitely explore white in accessories.

Love these ideas, The Cat! I know these will look terrific with the puffer. I have a vintage triple strand of big pearls - practically a bib necklace - which would do a lot of bookending.

Zibbets, fit will be a big part of this! They are definitely returnable. I had to order two sizes because of the pointy toe, which can be tricky for me.I know a snug boot is much better than wide ones for wearing with a skirt, but it's possible to be too tight.

Irina, I LOVE these ideas. (Reminds me of Princess Charlotte's first day of nursery school outfit this week!) I have several burgundy/dark red dresses and a variety of gray and navy accessories.



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