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Zaeobi on "Finally, Some Length"

@jlpp don't let that stop you! Most women here (in Hong Kong) are under 5ft4 (I'm on the somewhat tall side of average for being 5ft3.5, lol!), but I still see them rocking midi length skirts & culottes with panache. I think the trick is to show a little skin elsewhere (like the ankles/ wrists/ forearms/ décolletage/ low vamp footwear) to balance out the look. The pointed toe flats that @RunCarla pointed out can help too, but I've even seen girls here combine it with trainers & an urban jacket & still look cool! The key is in the details (like pushing up the sleeves of your leather or denim jacket).

Anyway, I'm excited for this trend! Might go for just below the knee styles, though.



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