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jussie on "30x30 - second 10 days"

Great outfits. Your clothes fit so well. It’s tricky to dress in winter but you are managing to look stylish and warm/practical. Read More

Runcarla on "30x30 - second 10 days"

Joy, no find for the denim shirt. It is Sears (no defunct in Canada) Jessica. Purchased 5 years ago shortly after getting back into being... Read More

Joy on "Week 4: 30x30 more best laid plans scrambled"

Thank you, Jussie and Bonnie. Jussie, I like a variety of jeans because I wear them so much. Not in this capsule are a couple... Read More

annagybe on "New specs!"

Nice!!! And good to hear about Costco, because I've also felt their selection was limited. Read More

Joy on "30x30 - second 10 days"

Wonderful looks. Maybe this time of year we should exclude turtleneck sweaters because they are a necessity .i love your denim shirt. Do you have... Read More

Sal on "Wiw dark periwinkle for high summer"

These are both great hot weather looks and I share your love for periwinkle blue!! I sometimes feel I have shoes that are good with... Read More

kerlyn on "Wiw dark periwinkle for high summer"

They're both really great outfits!  Periwinkle is  a great color on you! Read More

This post has been a long time coming

WE ARE FINALLY BUILDING OUR FIRST HOME! If you are a long… The post Our Home Building Nightmare appeared first on Hello Fashion. #HOMEDECOR #LIFE... Read More

Joy on "Week 4: 30x30 more best laid plans scrambled"

Snow is Maggie's favorite accessory, especially on her face and head. Between her toes, not so much. Read More

Happy Friday babes! The temps dropped down to the teens in Dallas and it has been kind of crazy over here

I’ve been looking at places all week… my apartment… The post WEEKEND NOTES appeared first on Krystal Schlegel. #Outfits #WeekendNotes #Celine #RagAndBoneJeans #RagAndBone Read More



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